Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Gift Guide: The Artist

Source Unknown
For your most creative companion who possesses the perfect mix of talent and skill - give gifts that are both pretty and practical; as easily put to work as they are put out on show.

An incredibly cool candle holder, that happens to be a gorgeous take on a paint palette. From Terrain.

A whimsically washed out watercolor scarf. From Anthropologie.

A drawing machine. For fun. From All Lovely Stuff.

An inspiring collection of illustrations. From Mill Mercantile.

The perfect pencil. From Kaufmann Mercantile.
A vinyl pocket for stashing sketches. From Madewell
Dioramas for grown ups. From Poketo.

A perennial favorite, the custom address stamp, for her every correspondence. From Primele on Etsy.

Handsome heavyweight heirloom scissors. From West Elm Market.
Some sweet treats, because good design certainly will make them taste better. La-Dee-Dahs from New York Mouth.

For quick fixes. Eraser ring from Artware.

A pocket pencil sharpener. Faber Castell from Moolka.

So she can make her mark. Pen with built-in stamp. From the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum.

A classic sketchbook for compositions on the fly. In every size. Moleskine.

A paper mache menagerie. For the studio wall. From Restoration Hardware.

Pantone postcards. For quick notes. From MoMa.

A colorful case for her phone. From Pencil Shavings Studio on Etsy.

An industrial clip for corralling piles of paper. Ephemera Clip from Anthropologie.

Enamel butcher trays. The best for mixing watercolors or piling paintbrushes. From Utrecht.

A paint chip table runner, a different shade for every place setting. From Leif

A shirt that's only improved by a few stray drops of paint. From Madewell

An original piece - I've been loving all of these artists lately. All on Etsy - Zoe Tilley, Natalie Eve Garrett, Kate Pugsley,  Amber Alexander, and Joel Penkman.

A delicious set of fragrances in a dramatically gorgeous package. Tokyo Milk from Beauty Bar.

For wearing her passion around her neck. Paint tube necklace. From Red Sofa on Etsy.

A luxurious set of leather pouches for keeping paints and pencils contained on the go. From Cuyana.

Finally the perfect table for sitting and slaving over every sketch. Drafting desk from World Market.