Monday, March 25, 2013

Three Things for Spring: The Shirt Dress

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The final installment in my list of spring wishes and wants comes a week or two overdue, but with no perceivable change in the weather. Still it's a well suited choice for our still frosty mornings, as there is nothing more endlessly layerable than this closet staple, the shirtdress. Sweater over, tank top under, collared shirt under? Leggings, tights, boots, socks - until finally we start to thaw out, and then, what could look better than bare-legged, strappy sandaled perfection?

Office, weekend, date night, travel - this dress is the perfect multi-tasker.

Black and Belted
Silky and Sleek

Basic black either belted (can you imagine with brown boots?) by Michael Kors ($150) or LL Bean ($149) or a little looser: J Jill ($29.99) or Calvin Klein ($129.50)

Fluid crepe in nude either Suzi Chin ($103.50) or Kenneth Cole ($138)
Punchy Brights

Punchy brights from Banana Republic ($130) or Calvin Klein ($90.99)

Classic crisp cotton from Tibi ($262)

Black Shift

With partial buttons from Emerson Fry ($235) or Anthropologie ($118)

Notched Neck

Or none at all; Tinley Road ($79) or J Jill ($39.99)

Denim darlings from Paige ($158) or Splendid ($198)

Pretty Patterns
Pretty Patterns 2

Pretty prints from Land's End ($70), Anthropologie ($118), Asos ($127) 
or Gap ($41.96)

Floaty & Flowy

Finally, free-flowing, floaty options that will be perfect for beach vacations (if we ever get there). Gap ($59.95) and Anthropologie ($198)