Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Art needed

Bathroom art has been on the agenda as of late. This new frame we picked up from Ikea looks great on the grey walls, now we just need something to put in it. Many of our photos feel a little strange, because I doubt our guests want smiling faces staring at them while stepping in and out of the shower, and although we have rolls of unframed posters, they don't fit the square shape we need here.

As I've been searching for a solution - I was disappointed to discover that my go to solution for inexpensive art online, 20 X 200 seems to have closed up shop. Although they were a big favorite for me, their demise has forced me to seek out other options - and I am pleased to have found many.

Here are a few thoughts for my bathroom, and new art shop discoveries for you:

This print by Tina Crespo is from Society 6 - which is probably as well-known as 20X200 ever was. Loads of prints of all descriptions, with plenty of pop culture references. Products range from art prints and cards to iPhone cases.

Also from Society 6 and continuing with the circle motif is this ampersand print by Matthew Tyler Wilson, but with a mostly gray-scale bathroom, I think I'd like to see something with a little bit of color.

More color this is not, but yet another Society 6 option by Zach Terrell.

I like the antiquated look of this prismatic print by Uncle Buddha I found on Etsy. Although there are treasures to be found - browsing through the overwhelming amount of crap can be overwhelming.

Also from Etsy is this strange compilation of vintage horse stills by Outtake Prints.

One last option from  Etsy:  A rad skeeball photo by photographer, Kaleidoscope Eyes.

A hit of citrus from this Kate Laboon print on Mammoth & Company. This site has such fantastic art. I could spend hours browsing.

Sort of psychedelic floral motifs on this piece by Yellena James on Tiny Showcase. This site has a very edited selection filled with gems. If I hadn't been focused on a square format print, there would have been plenty of other options to catch my eye.

I like the mid-century graphic feel of this sun by Caitlin Keegan on Little Paper Planes. For some reason it reminds me of Disney's small world...anyone? Little Paper Planes offers great series of prints that work well together for filling a wall or lining a hallway.

A cheeky print by Colpa Press also on Little Paper Planes.

A final frothy option from Little Paper Planes by Amy Borrell.

Another moderately mid-century piece, this one from Helen Dardik and available on Poster Cabaret which is such a great site. Wonderful featured artists, lots of print options. I love. As for this print, maybe a little too childish, but the red would look nice.
A dreamy print of a summertime painting by Leah Giberson on Poster Cabaret.  I adore her work.

A great pop art piece by Joseph McDermott on ArtFlakes.  This site takes the cake for me. So much wonderful stuff to browse - so many artists whose work I've seen before and thought, I wonder if I could buy a print of that: here, all here. 

"Love" by Famous When Dead also on ArtFlakes.

Finally the print that's winning in my mind is this sweet fluorescent heart from Banquet Atelier. I think it would look really great against the grey walls and bring the needed pop of color to the room.