Friday, April 19, 2013

two weeks in turkey


I'm getting ready to head back to Turkey for an extended trip on Tuesday -  almost two weeks! I haven't thought about packing, and although I'll be working for the first week, D. will be joining me for the second, and we've not done any planning. 

This will be my third time in Istanbul and D.'s second, so we've been considering exploring outside of the city into some of Turkey's other incredible destinations. With enough time for probably a two day side trip, we're having a hard time choosing. The weather forecast isn't super warm, so the beach doesn't beckon...Instead we are thinking about the following:

Cappadocia is a strangely lunar landscaped region in the center of the Anatolian region of Turkey. This once highly active volcanic field is now home to caves and troglodyte dwellings carved into rock formations formed by years of lava, water and wind.

During Roman times, many Christians fled into Cappadocia and hid in vast interconnected underground cities. Mosaics, churches, monasteries all survive today.

One of the must-do activities is a balloon ride (eeps!) and for accommodations, caves/cave hotels. As they say, "when you're in Rome" or Goreme...

The Kelebek Hotel comes very highly rated with amazing cave rooms and sweeping views of the balloons taking off over the valleys every morning.

In addition to hiking and exploring the caves and ancient ruins - the region is a big wine producer, center of Anatolian cuisine and home to many traditional carpet weavers. So there's plenty to do, even if you just want to sit on your cave terrace and soak in the surroundings.

Doesn't this look incredible? Has anyone traveled here before?

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