Friday, August 16, 2013

invisible world

Mechanical Pencil
Mechanical pencil

When I was in elementary school, I remember watching a National Geographic movie on 'The Invisible World.' The viewing was spread over several days, and while others passed notes and folded cootie catchers, I was completely absorbed by the creepy world of dust mites and other invisible creatures exposed by National Geographic's microscopes. 

I feel that same sense of total wonderment/creeped-outedness when looking at the electron microscope images from microscope manufacturer, FEI. Their flickr stream provides a fascinating series of gross and awesome images of unseen life that surrounds us. 

For those of you that remember the same Nat Geo video and are dying to re-capture that magic, don't worry, the entire thing is available on YouTube for your viewing pleasure.

French cheese acari

An 'Acari' that develops on several French cheeses including Mimolette...eeps




House bug

  Spider Skin

Spider skin

  Geckofuss 120x 

 Gecko leg

  Head of a moth

Head of a moth

  eyes of a moscito

Mosquito eyes

  Pollen of Birch Tree

Birch tree pollen

  Conducto de Vida (Passage of Life)

Artery with red blood cells