Thursday, August 22, 2013

phone cases - illustrators

Hello Case by Cartolina
My poor little iphone has been naked for too long. Neglected by my indecisiveness and design-commitment phobia, it may finally be time to bite the bullet and put a case on it. These new beautiful options should make it all the easier to find the perfect fit, with darling illustrations and colorful prints...or will my love for all of these designs keep me in the same place I'm in now? Maybe you'll find a new look for your phone out of these options from Rifle Paper Co. and Cartolina.

Blue Flowe Case by Cartolina

Cartolina's line of iphone cases just came out and may be my favorite of the bunch. The vintage imagery inspired by colorful ephemera is lush and colorful, but every time I think I'm sold on the Ciao case, I look at the magic carpet again....
Ciao! case by Cartolina
Ship case by Cartolina

Red Poppy case by Cartolina
Magic Carpet case by Cartolina

Hydrangea case by Carolina

Leopard case by Rifle Paper
Rifle Paper brings their signature quirky illustrator style to cases featuring everything from speech bubbles and stripes to blossoms and the big apple.

Hello Hello case by Rifle Paper
Gold Stripes case by Rifle Paper

Spanish Rose case by Rifle Paper

Pink Ombre case by Rifle Paper

New York case by Rifle Paper

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