Friday, August 23, 2013

phone cases-photographers

White Marble case Case Scenario
If the cute and quirky illustrations from Rifle Paper and Cartolina don't fit the bill - what about these slightly more glam photos of minerals and rocks blown up to spectacular effect? I'm especially fond of the white marble case which would look so chic wrapped around a white iphone. 

Pink Agate case from DS Brennan
Pink agate and sparkling amethyst designs are featured in DS Brennan's Etsy store. If the geodes and gemstones aren't your thing, they also offer a range of other natural photo subjects.

Amethyst case from DS Brennan
Indian Bloodstone case from Weston Earth Images
Or something from Weston Earth Images who are widely regarded for their photographic processes transforming natural materials into printed designs for products like iphone cases and silk scarves. 
Banded Agate case from Weston Earth Images
Agate case from Weston Earth Images
Mica Schist case from Weston Earth Images