Monday, September 9, 2013

fresh start: shower curtains, simple and spa-like

Stripe Shower Curtain from West Elm
One of my most favorite lady friends just made a cross-country trip to set up housekeeping in our nation's capital. To streamline her move, she let go of a lot of the 'stuff' that finishes a house, making this move even more of a fresh start.

I couldn't be happier that she's here and spending time with her picking up pieces for her new place has been so much fun. It's also a reminder of all the little things that go into making a house a home - and the small ways that you can make a 'fresh start' in your own house even if you've already been there for five years and are planning to stay for several more.

I thought I'd do a couple of posts on the few things she's been searching for starting with shower curtains. Here's hoping that she'll spot the perfect one - and maybe you will too!

NYC Rail Transit Curtain from H&M Home
Stripe Border Shower Curtain from West Elm
Tassled Dayton Shower Curtain from Anthropologie

New York Map Shower Curtain from H&M Home - two views of this one!

Geometry Sky Curtain from Dwell Studio
Soap Label Curtain from H&M Home
Kaleidoscope Patch Shower Curtain from Anthropologie
Vintage Washed Belgian Linen Curtain from Restoration Hardware