Monday, October 7, 2013

Global Goods

Every time I return from a trip I entertain the fantasy of traveling around the world, buying treasures and then selling them back home. I love opening my suitcase to an explosion of colors and textures - all prized purchases from the trip. My only wish every time is that I'd bought more.

Baba Souk and Proud Mary are two small businesses where my dream of travel treasures is a reality - except instead of stuffing suitcases, each of the shop's proprietors are in close relationships with local artisans, so their offerings are top quality and so unique.

Here are a few of my favorites from their online stores:
Bracelet Trio from Baba Souk

Clutch from Proud Mary
Tote from Proud Mary

Amazing pillows from Baba Souk
Huarache Sandals from Proud Mary
Patterned pillow from Proud Mary
Towel from Proud Mary

Little baskets from Baba Souk

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

fresh start: shower curtains, bright & bold

Whales Shower Curtain from Urban Outfitters
Continuing to seek out the finishing touches for my friend's new DC abode - here are some additional shower curtain options. From pops of color to whimsical illustrations, these certainly brighten up a bathroom.
Andrea Victoria's Tribu Arrows Curtain from Deny Design (so many great options on this site)

Paisley Venice Shower Curtain from World Market

Anderson Design Group's Chicago Mag Mile Curtain from Deny Design

CTA Subway Map Curtain from Izola

Or for something more local: Washington DC Metro Curtain from Izola
What's currently in my bathroom: Octopus Garden Curtain from Anthropologie

Arcturus Scales Shower Curtain from Deny Design
Elephant Curtain by Thomas Paul

Peacock Quills Curtain from Anthropologie

Andrea Victoria's Aztec Arrows Curtain from Deny Design

Anderson Design Group's San Fran Curtain from Deny Design

Elisa Cachero's Odyssey Curtain from Urban Outfitters