Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Gift Guide: Tokyo

Photo by James Justin Via
His digital dreams and technical talents make him right at home in this bright, big city. Gift him with gadgets that speak to his stream-lined style, but don't forget the toys for this (sort of) grown up boy.

Kind of creepy notebooks for big ideas. Blue Monster Kraft Notebook set from NotbookNotbuk on Etsy.

For his subversive artist side. Linocut Starter Kit from Linocutboy on Etsy.

The work of masters to display on his coffee table. Beautiful LEGO by Mike Doyle available on Amazon.

For shuffling around the house, what could be better than his out set of sushi slippers. Bonus removable fish flavors included. Sashimi Slipper Set by SushiBooties on Etsy.

Fluent Stash - Wool Die Cut Origami Organizer -
A organizational origami to keep his stuff together wherever he goes. Fluent Stash by Nau.

Space invaders socks for wearing his geekdom on his sleeve, er, ankles. Soxfords.

A custom-printed origami version of himself. Because he always wanted his own action figure.

Five Pack Double Tip Pens

A compact set of felt-tip markers. For illustrating his next graphic novel. Five Pack Double Tip Pens from Poketo.

Work fucking harder. (black on black) Mens T-Shirt

A rude shirt with a positive message. Work Fucking Harder Shirt from Good Fucking Design Advice Store.

A baseball-sized robot that interacts with his smartphone or tablet, ights up, goes off jumps and turns his entire apartment into a game. Because, robots. Sphero.

Taste Explosion - Salt and Pepper Shakers - Objects - by Thabto - Designer James Wosiek and Steven 
For kitchen table combat. Taste Explosion Salt & Pepper Shakers from Molecule Design.

It's a cap, it's a fannypack. It's a fannypack for his head. It's a cap-sac

For headware with a different purpose. A napping necessity, the Ostrich Pillow which provides a "micro environment in which to take a warm and comfortable power nap at ease."

For coffee break constructions. The Lego-lovers Build-On Brick Mug from ThinkGeek.

Cufflinks that pay homage to his favorite game system ever. PS3 Cufflinks from Etnecklace on Etsy.

A totally terrifying robo-attack spider. For everyday. Combat Creatures Attacknids on Amazon.

For daily McMuffins, this incredible advancement in breakfast technology. The Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker from Amazon.

A shirt that's also a shark, about to eat his head. Shark Shirt by Lazy Oaf.

Because he'll find something to do with it. Conductive Bare Electric Paint Pen.

For serving his own rolls, or amping up take out. Sushi Gift Set from Bento & co.

Because he's a designer, right? For reliving his youth. Hot Wheels Car Maker on Amazon.

For putting a spring in his step and lighting up his next underground dance party. Fiber Optic Shoe Laces, loads of different options available on Amazon.

Bruce Lee Playing Cards. So what if it's not exactly Japanese... from Dan and Dave.

A soap on a rope in a traditional prosperity-promising form. Tamanohada Welcome Soap from Bigelow Chemists.

Because all the cool kids are playing it. Grand Theft Auto 5 on Amazon.

Finally a bottle of oh so delicious Japanese Whiskey. Our neighborhood bartender does great things with this bottle.  Suntory Yamazaki 12 Year Old Japanese Single Malt Whiskey from K&L Wine Merchants.