Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Gift Guide: The burbs

Via Huffington Post
The land of puppies and babies where stroller parking and BBQ grilling abound. This is where you'll find the subjects of this gift guide. They've appeared before as The Newcomer and we've spotted them in Tiny Town - they're the munchkins, the groms, the little people who are taking over the lives of our friends, our family and us. 

Celebrate them this year with gifts that are creative, and classic. Leave the plastic and pre-packaged behind and instead opt for things mom or dad won't mind tripping over in the living room. 

For being adorable - Little Bear Toddler Tee from The Oysters Pearl on Etsy.

For keeping track of the funny because they're only little once - Mispronunciations Letterpress Card from Brooklyn Makers.
For building self-styled Southwestern landscapes - Balancing Cactus by Plan Toys available on Amazon.

For building more urban landscapes - Blockitecture Garden City from Areaware.

For more sipping and less spilling - a BPA-free, dentist recommended sippy cup that promises easy cleaning while teaching your little one how to drink from a real cup. All of the things. Munchkin Miracle cup from Amazon.

For keeping cozy - Soft Deers Fleece Bundler from Hatley or Baby Bunting from Nordstrom

For story time with a furry friend - Grey Bunny Puppet made from up cycled sweaters available from Bitte.

For creating highways all over the house - Toy Road Play Tape from The Grommet.

For safaris and twirling - Twirl Dress from Lola and Stella on Etsy. I also love their leggings for chubby baby legs.

For dreaming and scheming - Atlas of Adventures available on Amazon.

For taking long walks - Trousselier Crocodile on Wheels from Idyll Home.

For dreams that are out of this world (har har) - interstellar bedding. Astronaut Duvet Cover by Snurk on Amazon.

For rainbow trails - Bike Chalk Trail Kit from Uncommon Goods.

For building and learning - a DIY crank-powered digital camera that offers kids an opportunity to learn the ins and outs of optics while using proceeds from purchases to provide underserved communities with the same experience. Bigshot Camera Kit from Bigshot.

For catching some z's - Sleep Hat from Zoe B Organic available on Amazon.

See above - Modern Swiss Cross Swaddle from Brika.

For peace of mind, and for getting a good night's sleep -  a smart sock infant heart rate and oxygen monitor that alerts mom or dad to any sudden changes. Owlet Baby Monitor.

For more fun at lunch time - Max the Monster Lunch Box from J. Crew.

For getting creative and super - Design Your Own Superhero Cape from Seedling.

For supply storage - Shark Bag by minnebites on Etsy.

For little rebels - temporary tattoos. Try the Kids Mix by Tattly - or any of their other fun gift sets.

For little feet - Baby Moccasins from Mockys.

Finally for putting all of the other kids' strider bikes to shame - Mint Scooter by Janod available on Amazon.