Thursday, December 10, 2015

Gift Guide: Nashville

She definitely could be an Artist or Gardener and the occasional Hostess or Baker but she's always been a Cowgirl. We've spotted her before in Austin, but this year we find her in one of my new favorite cities, Nashville. 

Nashville is a city of music, charm and Southern hospitality. Classic and quirky with a little bit of kitsch - it's a hub for the homespun and time-honored traditions. With a food scene that's flourishing and a growing creative community, Nashville is now trending nationally. 

Celebrate her this holiday with presents that honor her grit and gumption and bring the cowgirl cool of this city to wherever she lives.
For Christmas morning - Gingham Night Shirt from Three J NYC, or the full set here. Not quite that good - try these or these.

For every morning - Awake O' Sleeper Mug from The Created Co. Or maybe something a little less earnest?

For groceries and to-do lists - a classically styled notepad. American Made Notepad from Red Barn Mercantile. I also love this legal pad design from Rifle Paper on Mignon.

For pancakes, mashed potatoes and birthday cakes and adding a vintage flair to her kitchen - Three Piece Glass Mixing Bowl Set from Food 52 made by a small family business in Ohio using the same molds they did 50 years ago. 

For putting those bowls to good use - a cookie mix that foodies flip for. White Chocolate Peppermint Cookie Mix with Vanilla Salt from Not Without Salt
For her wild heart - Gold Antler Necklace from Padgett Hoke. I'm also a big fan of this.

For ambience - a tiny candle that promises to fill her home with orange blossom and amber. Moonlight Mile Candle by Tisane from Leif Shop

Or actually - this candle. Probably this candle. Ms. Betty's from Bad Ass Candles on Etsy.  Want something cheeky, but not quite that cheeky - I love these.

For trail rides or lazy weekends - Keep It Rad Tee from Indy Brand.

For bringing some heat to the kitchen - a mix of California-grown peppers, garlic and EVOO. Gunpowder Oil from The Other Brother.

For cuddling on the couch - a super soft throw. Doe a Deer Throw from Nordstroms.

For dressing up her day time look - a casual & cute cotton dress. Bib Dress from Clad & Cloth.

For a sweet and seasonal table setting - Snowmen S&P Shakers from Pigeon Toe Ceramics.

For never going anywhere without her favorite things - a well-thought out travel organizer.  Wind Blows Travel Pouch from Mochi Things.

For carols and craft time - DIY Ukulele Kit from Urban Outfitters.

Also for carols and craft time - a handsome hefty shaker. Mid-Century Cocktail Shaker from West Elm.

For adding farm fresh flavor to whatever is in the shaker - Royal Rose Drink Syrups Collection from Eat Boutique.

For urgent, but polite market runs - Hustle, Darling Tote from Brika.

For sweet tea and lemonade, or the perfect mixture of both - Weck Carafe Set from Heath Ceramics.

For correspondence and ships* - a beautifully designed set of thoughtful cards. Poems for Friendship & Joy Notecards from Abrams Books. Looking for something a little less sentimental? Don't miss these replete with classic Southern sayings.

For late night snacks - unbelievably delicious ice cream that has graced this guide on many occasion. Try Churro, Sweet Corn Spoon Bread or Sweet Potato Pecan Praline or if she's been extra good - how about the Pint Club which promises 12 pints in total delivered in four installments of three. All of the above from Jeni's - the best ice cream spot in the world.

For Southern winters - it's all she'll need. Women's 1936 Skyliner Model Hunting Vest from Eddie Bauer.

For fixing her manicure on the fly - a matchbook filled with mini emery boards all done up in a charming vintage print. Desert Rose Matchbook Nail File from Izola. A perfect stocking stuffer - also in blue, green, peach, black and white.
Because it's always good advice - Eat More Tacos Pennant from Three Potato Four.

For the nights she's out until the cows come home (har har) - Calf Hair Clutch from Loper and Haas on Etsy

For her walls, because he's just too cute - Foul-Mouthed Fox Print by Dick Vincent available on Etsy.

Finally, because it just couldn't be Nashville without them - boots. Although there are endless options to choose from, I'm voting for a shortie, something that easily fits into her wardrobe and adds a touch of cowgirl to whatever she pairs it with.  The Etta Boot from Sundance comes in a dozen colors, one of which she's bound to love - but don't miss Amarillo, Santa Fe or Laudrillo for a little bit more character and Romy, Marcos or Billie for a little bit less.

**ships is the term of endearment my lady friends use for our group - because there are old ships and new ships, but the best ships are friendships.

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