Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Gift Guides 2015

Wolfgang Rattay/ Reuters

They're back!

How quickly the last year has blown by. 2015 has been good to us: tons of travel, more fun than we deserve and so many evenings spent with friends and family around a table with plenty of wine love and laughter. It's hard to believe that we're closing in on our seventh year in the nation's capital. This neglected blog was started to chronicle our journey east, then along the way we got married, got big jobs, left big jobs for other jobs, saw parts of the world we never thought we would and started a whole slew of traditions that we share with our beloved community here.

Although our family has taken a small step back from gifting in lieu of enjoying vacations together (hello Tulum!) I still can't stay away from the treasure hunt fun of finding the perfect present for the people I love.

This year marks the fifth anniversary of the holiday gift guide - no big plans for celebrating - just the usual attempt to find gifts that are unusual, affordable and shine the light on small businesses whose goods you won't find at the mall. I'll probably suggest socks for most people (I always do) and I'll probably include things that I've forgotten I've listed before (I always do). 

You can look back at the previous guides here and via the index below (I was really ambitious in 2010)- a lot of the ideas found in them are still available today.  Hope you enjoy this year's guide.

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