Monday, December 12, 2016

Gift Guide: The Milkshake

Sugar, spice and everything nice.  Here's a list for all of the little treats in your life. 

For that tiny tee-shirt drawer - adorable duds from Cheerily.

For baby butts - the cutest. Fleece Hello Harem Pants from Von Bon. Don't miss all of their cute fabrics and patterns here.

For epic backyard battles - a small rubber attachment that makes any stick a mighty sword. Nature Sabre Sword Creator from Restoration Hardware

For little monsters - Bear Balaclava by Mini Rodini from Le Petit Organic
For little princes - Briar Handmade Pom Bonnet from Le Petit Organic.

For either - Fox Tail Scarf from Colette Bream on Etsy.

For flying - Wild Wings Dress Up Set from Land of Nod.
For chasing down matchbox cars - a retro-cool cruiser. Wooden Police Cruiser from Candylab Toys. I'm also loving their Americana Collection.
For organic babies - Radish Rattle from Boutique Little.

For more minimalist babies. Wood Baby Rattle from General Store.

For endless coloring - a massive (truly - 71" x 49") poster filled with delightful drawings of a city near you.  U.S.A./Paris/London/Berlin/Brooklyn/San Francisco/Los Angeles by OMY on Little. (I know some adults that would like this too)

For silver linings - a sweet little mobile. White Linen Cloud Mobile from Brika.

For adventures - Fjällräven Mini Kånken backpack from Nordstrom.

For rebels - Dino Hoodie from Design Life Kids.

For next-level friendship bracelets - a creative command station that partners with an iPad and associated app for some serious custom couture. iLoom available on Amazon.

For mixing in some magic - and because everything's better with glitter? Unicorn Snot from FCTRY.

For budding builders - because we know the box is the best part of any present. Makedo Cardboard Construction Toolkit from Uncommon Goods.

For bigger cardboard endeavors - Miley DIY House from MoMA.
For spicing things up - Hot Sauce Pillow from Ouef NYC.

For girls that are more future president than princess - Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls

For keeping it cool - completely twistable, bendable, unbreakable rubber shades for kiddos. Bueller Junior Shades from Ro Sham Bo Baby. Looking for something a little more Top Gun? Try Babiators.

For a mini font-snob - a typographic take on the traditional magnetic alphabet (set includes two alphabets + 13 bonus letters). AlphaBits from Loodus on Etsy.
For keeping cozy - a super snuggly sleeper in the most wintery pattern. French Terry Jumpsuit from Winter Water Factory.

Finally for making sure that the little one's latest & greatest pics are on display at home (or at grandma & grandpa's) - a design-forward update to the digital photo frame that allows viewers to pre-program a variety of social channels AND video chat. Loop.


Friday, December 9, 2016

Gift Guide: The Paloma

Exotic, tangy, a little bitter and when made with mescal (my preference) a bit darker, heady and smoky. This is your free-spirit drink best found on a bohemian beach. Treat her this holiday with otherworldly presents that celebrate her wild and free approach to life. 

For making magic at home - a beautiful shimmering garland that features the phases of the moon. Moon Garland from kestrel.
For a truly smoky stare - Eye Coal from Fat and the Moon on Etsy.

Or for a more shimmery stare - on a fresh face under lower lashes, it's otherworldly. Tate Eye Jewels Liner from Sephora.
For removing that liner, moisturizing skin, conditioning hair and just about any other beauty need she can think of - a cold-pressed blend of oils lightly scented with palo santo, sage, lavender and geranium. Everyday Oil.

For going even further with this moon thing and declaring it for all to see. Moon Child Pillow Cases from Gypsy Warrior.

For an alternative (or an addition) to her Moon Child pillows. Eye Cushion from Sun + Stars on Etsy.

For her sweet tooth and her mystical side - hard candies cast to mimic real crystal specimens. Crystal Candy from Sweet Saba.

For her savory tooth - a duo of delicious seasoned oils for flat breads and fresh cheeses (and most anything). Sohha Savory Topping Oil Two Pack from Food 52.
For serving spices or spiced oil, Spirit Eye Spice Cellar by Demetria Chappo on Peyote Moon.

For creating ambience - a return to the guides because is smells so good. Ai Incense Pyres from Blackbird. Want to give her the chance to sample several scents - try this.

For treasuring, and filling with treasures. Oversized Milagro Heart Wall Charm from Child of Wild

For correspondence - a set of serpentine stationary. Set of Ten Snake Notecards (and envelopes) from Brika.

For creating her own shibori-inspired textiles. A dye kit that boasts a formula thick enough to be brushed or stamped on to fabric. Easy Indigo Textile Kit from Yellow Owl Workshop.

For wintery weather - Byzantine Sweater Leggings from Free People.

For making a statement - Caralarga Texcoco Punk Tassel Necklace from Latitudes.

For speaking more softly. Eothen Necklace from Magpie & Rye.

For casting edible spells - an assortment of custom blends from health guru, Amanda Chantal Bacon. Moon Juice Sampler from Urban Outfitters.  For those past the sampler point, shop the whole collection here

For mapping the stars - an heirloom quality quilt. DIY Constellation Quilt from Haptic Lab. Want to skip the steps and enjoy the final product? Finished quilts here.

For chasing the chill on winter nights - a mystical hot chocolate whose description references a mystical owl, harmonious nature and alchemy, all that's missing are marshmallows. Zenbunni Canyon Coco from The Radder.

For inspiration - Burn Brite Pennant from Beeteeth.

Because it's true - Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe Tee from Spiritual Gangster.
For cocktails with character (and tons of instagram potential) - Pineapple Tumbler by W&P Design.
For cocktails with culture - Otomi Coaster set from Furbish.
For cocktails with clairvoyance. Tarot of Cocktails deck from Uncommon Goods.

For a (slightly) more serious reading - a deck and guidebook to finding your spirit animal and its meaning. Animal Spirit Guide Set from The Wild Unknown.

For coralling clutter or adding color to her walls. Salmon Plateau Basket from Indigo Africa  - a great company that supports female artisans and entrepreneurs in Africa, be sure to peruse all of their size and color options.

For lounging, colorfully. Babushka Bralette and Bloomer set from Spell & The Gypsy Collective.

Finally for bringing the outdoors in, every season (bare branches are equally beautiful). Wall Planter from Eco Deer on Etsy.