Thursday, December 8, 2016

Gift Guide: The Gin & Tonic

Smart and sharp, a polished professional our Gin & Tonic drinker is classy and refreshing with a very orderly view of his world. Spoil him this holiday with gifts that elevate his workplace attire or provide additional comfort to his much needed evenings and weekends off. 

For adding a splash of color to his classic dark suit. Red Shibori Pocket Square from Kirko.

For keeping it classy on his morning commute. A sleek and stylish helmet. Heritage Collection Helmet from Thousand.

For counting down until happy hour - Magnetic Hourglass from Amazon.

For making it to happy hour - a vintage aluminum alloy cocktail shaker. Bien Agiter Shaker from Ace Hotel Shop.

For hosting happy hour - a handsome set of napkins for five.  Linen Cocktail Napkins from Jayson Home

For filling that shaker, or pouring straight into his signature drink - a stellar local gin, Vigilante (only available in DC), or a fresh departure from the standard spirit, Barrel- Aged Gin from Koval or Smoked Gin from Empire Spirits Project

For mixing with that gin - and because it's the best. If you have lived without this bar essential up until this point, please remedy that this holiday season in every single flavor. Charred Grapefruit Tonic from Bittermilk.
For taking notes, and finding inspiration. Vintage Porsche Journal from Owen & Fred.

For caffeinated inspiration. Hustle Travel Mug from The Created Co.
For fighting a full day of screen staring - non-prescription glasses designed to filter blue light, cut out glare and add some magnification (if needed). Computer Glasses by Felix Gray.

For protecting those lenses, without adding bulk. A simple leather solution. Glasses Case from Maximum Henry.

For streamlining his pockets. Titanium Key Smart from Cool Material.

For further streamlining - a stick on phone case wallet with an easy pull tab to free his most essential cards. Wally Stick On by Distil Union from American Design Club.

For superior pronunciation and dinner party trivia. You're Saying it Wrong available on Amazon.

For stuffing in his stocking and fighting off the dry winter weather - a no-shine all-natural formula. Buckler's Chapped Lip Remedy from Need Supply Co

For classic casual - Timex Weekender Chrono from End. If he's been extra good this year, it doesn't get better than this

For his daily brew or a leisurely Saturday at home - a pour over system that makes coffee as good as it looks Osaka Pour Over available on Amazon.

For ensuring he never runs out - a monthly subscription to a curated coffee bean collection that features cult favorites La Colombe, Panther and Ceremony. Mistobox.

For keeping everything in it's place whether traveling across oceans or across offices. Leather Tech Envelope from Mark & Graham.

For everyday wear - the dress pants of the future, super technical four-way stretch makes a bike commute a breeze to a 'nano-sphere' repellant coating that means dirt, coffee and rain wipe right off. OG Classics from Outlier. If his office is a little more business casual, don't miss the Slim Dungarees.

For minding the details, in a very compact manner. Men's Emergency Kit from Uncommon Goods.

For weekends off, and filling his t-shirt drawer. Save Me Tee from PBS, Throhand T-Shirt from Saturdays and Nasa Vintage Worm Logo Tee from Trunk Candy.
Also for weekends - a truly handsome house shoe, with removable rubber soles for necessary trips to the outdoors. Mahabis

For weekend reading - a subscription (or several). Times/Economist/New Yorker/Atlantic

For smelling like George Washington - a collection of favorite presidential soaps featuring the choice scents of Washington, Eisenhower and JFK. Presidential Bath Soaps from Caswell-Massey.

Finally, because he is. Brave and True Cufflinks from Izola.