Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Gift Guide: The Whiskey Sour

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The perfect counterpoint to the Old Fashioned - a Whiskey Sour is sweet but not without it's namesake tang. Loyal and reliable, a classic charmer. 

Gift this drinker with treats that suit her tastes - heirloom and homespun. Make sure that winter finds her warm and cozy with a few quirky touches. 
For making her list and checking it twice - charming custom kraft paper notepads from Haute Papier.

For a steady stream of the lifeblood that is cold brew - in an easy 'pour and store' fridge pouch. Grady's Cold Brew Kit from Grady's

For her windowsill - a garden that requires minimal upkeep. Jewel Box Garden from Lula's Garden.

For craft night - a garden that requires no upkeep. Felt Succulent Kit from Uncommon Goods.

For craft night snacking and pairing - Whiskey Pairing Chocolate Collection from Recchiuti Confections.
For evoking her favorite space through scents of meyer lemon, bergamot, neroli, cedar and moss. Ladies' Cabin Candle by Austin Press available at Catbird

For drinks, snacks or just looking good on the sideboard. Nights and Weekends Tray from Izola.

For sweet dreams and staying in - a cute and comfortable pajama set that's delicious in every color option. Cotton Pajamas Short Set from Lake.

For going out - a slightly heightened version of her natural look with all natural ingredients. Undone by Kosas.
For spicing things up - a homemade green chile sriracha, Jojo's Sriracha from With Love From Brooklyn.

For cozy evenings at home - all natural, lightly scented Pinecone Fire Starters by Christopher Pourney available on Amazon.

For lighting that fire, and decorating the mantle, a little handmade pot with a special striking base. Milk Bottle Match Striker from Farmhouse Pottery.

For curling up by that fire - a colorful recycled cotton throw that brightens up the entire room. Kilim Throw from Happy Habitat (don't miss all of her lovely patterns).

For toasty fingers - an incredibly handsome set of mittens. Narpes from Hestra. Not quite that good? Try this pair from Anthropologie
And for toasty toes - Autumn Slippers from Muk Luk's - for something with a little more character, don't miss these

For a whimsical touch - a wintery moth necklace by Bristorium on Etsy. Don't miss her little animal badges as well. 

For a shirt that speaks to her soul - Home Grown Tee from Scout Mob.

For her sock drawer - the sweetest seasonal options. Bandit and Ski Dazzle Socks from Hansel from Basel. Also snatch up these Hike Tights (I know I am).
For breakfast - Bourbon Pecan Hometown Granola from Manready Mercantile.

For serving up that breakfast with a side of joy. Happy Happy Serving Spoon from Waiting on Martha

Also for breakfast and EVERYTHING, but really, everything. Maple Sugar Cube from Mouth.

For wearing everyday this winter  - Arapahoe shirt from Tradlands. Not quite that good? Try these close competitors from J Crew, Athleta and Eddie Bauer. 
For the vanity - a charming catch all. Darling Tray from Lulu & Georgia.

For solving the pesky problem of constantly tangled headphones with a simple and elegant solution. Cord Tab by Noah Marion Quality Goods.

For the mood of the morning - Happy Mug or Sad Mug By Alexandria Cummings available on Bridge and Burn (Happy, Sad)

Finally for this holiday season and many to come,  a textured sweater jacket in a wintery white - Fringed Cardigan from Anthropologie.

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  1. These are goooood, thanks! My SIL is hard to shop for and is very much of the heirloom and homespun variety. One or more of these might be going on my shopping list!

    Also, a side note -- I'm super glad you came back for the gift guides, any chance you might consider coming back to the blog during the year? Maybe quarterly? A Year in the Life style? :)