Monday, December 11, 2017

Gift Guide: The Bebes

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Little angels or total devils, they've stolen our hearts and yours with their endless antics. Whether for newborns, toddlers or grade-schoolers, give Santa a hand with gifts for growing minds and big imaginations.

 Because they could not be cuter: Baby Elf Slippers from Baby Cricket on Etsy

For new teeth and natural good looks: Jetson Rattle from Dove & Dovelet

For babies that feel a little more French: Croissant Rattle from Amelia
For daily doodles: a creativity encouraging workbook 32 Ways to Dress a Dog from Yolk
For twirling: Tiny Dancer Tee from Cheerily
For racing: a handsome balance bike from Prince Lionheart

For a more neutral take on the holiday season: Organic Romper by Lola and Stella available on Etsy (everything they make is gorgeous).
For chewing on in the bath: a natural rubber boat that floats around the tub and is designed with no holes for bacteria or mold to get into. Origami Boat from Oli & Carol

Because nothing could be cozier: Luxe Faux Fur Baby Bunting from Restoration Hardware
For building imaginary worlds: an super detailed stencil set from Common Loon made from flexible PVC. See the set in action here

For exploring their current world: an encyclopedia for the Planet Earth generation. Animal The Definitive Guide from DK on Amazon.
For aspiring chefs: a real knife set with cleverly placed finger holds and a guard for learning to chop and peel. Opinel Le Petite 3 Piece Set from Williams Sonoma.

For aspiring spies: a six month subscription box that features missions ranging from fingerprint analysis to building secret identities, each one month at a time. Mission Unboxable on Etsy.
For dragons, and being the mother of them. Dragon Wing & Hat Set from Lovelane Designs also in Red or Pink.
For building their own robots: a modular set of building blocks with unique functions (drive, flashlight, power etc...) for tinkering and learning.  Cubelets available on Amazon in a variety of different sized packs and functions.

For a non-girly take on dollhouse play that's also a pretty cool display piece for any room. Attic House from Mint Rhapsody

For more landscape-based play: a pop art play mat with a variety of different natural habitats. Animals Play Mat by Deuz available on Design Life Kids

For making happy music, and because it's far less parent-offensive than a drum set: Mahalo Ukulele on Amazon.

For nibbles on the run: a sleek diaper bag or backpack ready solution. Snack in the Box available on Amazon
For stationary nibbles: a one piece rubber placemat that provides far less things to throw on the ground. EZPZ Happy Mat available at Bed Bath & Beyond

For exploring chain reactions and conducting domino races: Hape Dynamo Dominos available on Amazon.

For rebel girls: a new brand of magazine that features the best female minds encouraging young women to believe in themselves and their dreams. Kazoo

For dressing up: Jimmy the Giraffe Necklace by Little Lux from Covet & Lou

For building a library: toddler takes on classic literature that use characters and elements from these titles we all know to teach other lessons, like counting, alphabet, animals and so on. Baby Lit Collections by Juniper Books.

For trips to the moon: a super sweet wooden rocket puzzle whose pieces connect with magnets. Janod Magnetic Rocket Kit available on Amazon.

And for further space explorations: a pop-up book masterpiece. This Book is a Planetarium by Kelli Anderson available on Amazon.

Finally for a fresh alternative to the Baby 
Bjorn: an incredible tactical material baby carrier from Mission Critical that's the product of significant R&D resulting in a truly comfortable carry that's rugged and handsome to boot. Get this for every new dad you know.