Saturday, December 9, 2017

Gift Guide: The Westerner

She is an old soul, more than a bit bohemian and independent to her core. You can find her dreaming of open plains,  mountain valleys and colorful deserts where her vibes are most at home. Whether her Joshua Tree life is a reality or not, give her gifts this year that celebrate her wild heart and endless sense of wonder. 

For clearing the air: a heady blend of Palo Santo, Lavender, Rosemary, Myrrh & Wild Sage. Holy Dust from Earth and Element - pair with a little ceramic bowl for easy burning.

For rolling out the welcome: a cheerful doormat from Target

For a celestial chignon: a metal moon hair pin from Almanac For June on Etsy

For sipping: the most beautifully blushing tequila rested for 1 month in uncharred Napa Cabernet French White Oak barrels. Rosa Tequila from Codigo 1530

For pairing with the above: a handmade handsome smokey cocktail glass from East Fork Pottery

And for wrapping up this cocktail hour theme, something to protect the coffee table. Fringed Sweetgrass Coasters from Leif 

For lovers- a carved gold bangle that reads: My Heart & I Until I Die from LHN Jewelry

For eaters: a delicious combo with a kick. Raspberry Jalapeño Jam from Shady Acres Organic Farm

Because it's an essential accessory, and this is a great take on it: Piper Floppy Wool Hat by Brixton from Nordstrom

Because they would go great with that hat: Eclipse Ear Jackets by Mai Mai Bijoux on Etsy

For decking her walls: Western prints, photos and feel-good phrases
(also quite a few cacti spotted on Minted)

For long soaks on cold winter nights: a delicious blend of piñon, charcoal & smoked sea salt for the bath from Plantfolk Apothecary
For keeping that post-bath glow: apricot kernel and sweet almond oil filled with suspended micro mica particles to reflect back the candlelight that surrounds her. Golden Hour Glowing Body Oil from Wildcare.

For warming up every corner of her home: a fluffy sheepskin, at this price she can have several. Rens Sheepskin from Ikea.
For traveling the world from her couch: a beautiful series of portraits by photographer Mihaela Noroc  that  focus on the universality of beauty, love and acceptance. The Atlas of Beauty from Amazon

For putting those traveling dreams in action: an inspirational book that promotes unplugged mindful travel with ideas for putting the mobile devices down and experiencing the world. Away & Aware by Sara Clemence on W&P Design.

For ayuverdic health benefits, and staying hydrated: a copper water bottle with antimicrobial properties best achieved if the water rests in the bottle overnight. Copper Carafe available on Amazon.

For finding them and keeping them, or communicating any other message on her mind: a custom embroidered bandana. #043 from 877 Workshop. I also like the embroidery placement on these

For a sexy take on a kitchen essential: Dutch Leather Oven Mitt from Food52

For pleasing crowds: a pour and go chilaquiles sauce that comes in green, red, chipotle and grill brava. Good on everything you put it on. Chilesquiles.

For throwing over her shoulder in a carefree way: a bohemian take on the crossbody trend. Bali Marketplace Cantina from Cleobella

For camp kitchens or everyday carry: a gorgeous 4" steel pocket knife. The only problem is picking the pattern. Damascus Collection Liner Lock Knife from Santa Fe Stoneworks.

For looking deeper into her star sign: a trading card style pack of insightful tidbits. Follow the Stars Astrology Card Set from Three Potato Four

Because if a candle that smells like ringed firelight & outdoor claw foot tubs that beckon under dark star filled night skies isn't her jam, I don't know what is. Moonlight Surnada from Ethics Supply Co - also don't miss their National Parks Collection.

For evenings in front of the fire or draping at the foot of her bed: an American classic - the San Miguel Blanket from Pendleton for something a little less, try Sackcloth & Ashes

For keeping in her bag: a winter weather essential with scents like Anise Patchouli, Lavender Incense and Black Jasmine, Compagnie de Provence Hand Balm available on Amazon

Because it's something she'll treasure for years: original art from California woodworker Aleksandra Zee, or if she hasn't been quite that good - something with a similar feel from Everyday Magic

Finally - if it's not boots, it should be these: gorgeous custom clogs from BRYR