Monday, December 17, 2018

Gift Guide: What's on D's List

Via Wired
Finally a last minute list of D's wishes and wants for 2018. A few replacements and a lot of new below. Plus, since we all know who wrote this, I probably don't need to say that I'd be the happy recipient (or co-recipient) of much of this as well.  
Because he's our reliable household mixologist, whether we're hosting or not and his cocktails keep getting better (if you missed the fig bourbon cider smash, I'm sorry). Pair that with his penchant for all things black pepper and there's no doubt that this will result in some excellent new concoctions. Black Pepper Rich Simple Syrup from Blank Slate - their Palm Sugar variety has also been receiving rave reviews.

Because some of those delicious cocktails he's been making are really improved by citrus zest. And our current zester situation is not so excellent. Microplane Zester available from Williams & Sonoma.

Because this is really what he needs for that black pepper obsession, especially if Cacio e Pepe is going to be his signature dish in 2019. A pepper grinder with a build in measuring cup. Fresh ground but with none of the mess and all of the precision. Peppermate Traditional Pepper Mill available on Amazon

Because I'm hoping it will spur planning for our next great road trip together. Must See Leather Journal from Stag Provisions.

Because it is so tiny, he'll hardly notice it on his keys, and yet will never be without an opener again. An itty bitty cap lifter that packs a powerful punch. Gear Infusion Pry.Me Titanium Bottle Opener available on Amazon.
Because if 2018 was my year of developing a skincare regimen, maybe 2019 will be his? This looks like a good place to start. Starter Gift Kit from Oar and Alps.

Because he loves whiskey (so do I) and this sounds fun. A well-reviewed guide to infusing, blending and smoking whiskey in your own home. Definitely going to up his cocktail game. Hacking Whiskey available on Amazon.

Because he may need a vessel for all that whiskey hacking. An easy to use infusion kit with a variety pack of flavor enhancers. 1 Pint Teroforma Liquor Infusion Kit available on Food 52 - find more spirit-specific infusions on the Teroforma site here.
Because his office could use some decor and this clock based on one from a vintage 30's British racing car is pretty rad. Dashboard Clock from Pendelux. Other cool analog time keepers include this mid-century style flipping clock and this text-based desk top version.

Because I'm certain he could find some opportunity to wear this cheeky cocktail inspired tie. Only question is if he prefers tiki (above) or negroni. Cocktail Tie from Love & Victory.
Because after being a one belt kind of guy for many years, that one belt finally gave in last fall. The belt I speak of has already been replaced, but maybe some variety could be nice. This woven belt from Nixon is cool and works with D's much more casual office dress code. Extend Belt by Nixon available on Jack Threads. Similar also awesome options here and here.

Because once again, we all always need socks, and as no show socks go, these are the very best according to D. Something about the way they are knitted keeps them from slipping. Sperry Men's Skimmer Socks available on Amazon.

Because we're nerds, and because we had so much fun playing season one with D's brother. A game that changes as you play it, with cards you destroy, packages you open and stickers you add to the board as you go. No two games are the same. Pandemic Legacy Season 2 available on Amazon.

Because this silicon set seems like an excellent way to control clutter in the shower and look good doing it.  The James & Oliver Set from Tooletries.

Because a sponge that comes pre-loaded with a black tea and coffee extract body wash sounds like something everyone needs in the morning. Men's Supreme Buffer from Spongelle.
Because I am certain this smells amazing. Lavender, sage, vetivert, juniper and cedar, from a gorgeous lavender farm in New Mexico. Beard Oil from Los Poblanos.

Because this deck seems like a wonderful dinner table conversation starter.  I actually find everything on this site fascinating. Untranslatable Words Deck from The School of Life

Because his current lounge look could use an upgrade, especially for winter weekends at cabins with friends. This sleek pair gets rave reviews. Ace Pant from Mack Weldon.
Because he literally wore holes through the soles of his last pair. Essex Penny Loafers by Sperry available on Zappos.
Because there are significant ski travels on D's horizon, some that require new boots. How about a new boot bag that gets rave reviews for its smart features and goes so well with the duffle that I kindly let him borrow? Element Equipment Boot Bag available on Amazon.

Because to continue on the theme above, and if you could smell what his current gaiter smells like after a day on the slopes, you would know why. A breathable merino alternative. 260 Zone Chute from Icebreaker.  Their Apex Chute also looks great (as do all of their base layers).

Finally - because he's always got the camera (and now the drone) handy - an updated way to carry all of his gear, with space for other things (like his laptop) that doesn't scream 'camera bag' is just what he needs. I'm partial to this Rucksack by Brevité. Other contenders are cool options from Thule, Burton, or the pricier F Stop Bags & Black Ember Bags.