Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Gift Guide: What's on My List

Via Wired
Dear Santa - please accept the following list of wishes, some extravagant and some practical that make up my list this year. Many of these are repeats, products I own, love and need a refresh on. Others are things I've had my eye on for a while and am convinced that I need. Maybe you or the people on your list need them too.

Because I've gotten a ton of mileage out of my smaller black cross-body bag and would love to have an alternate option for when I'm not in my customary monochrome. Multiple tough decisions here though (color? monogram? stripes?) - good news is they all appear to be gorgeous and you can preview your custom creation on the website. Meadow Double Zip Camera Bag from Leatherology

Because although there is no shortage of adorable pom poms, ribbed trims and sparkles in the beanie market right now, I always reach for the most simple option in the drawer, and have been missing a classic since I misplaced it last year. Slouchy Cashmere Beanie from Nordstroms.

Because I love cooking with spice blends, and have been fascinated with La Boîte since reading about master-blender Lior in Bon Appetit years ago. This small discovery set of their top blends is a great way to find a new favorite. Mini 5 Spice Set from La Boîte

Because I'm a big butter fan - as my parents can attest from my childhood proclivities for eating it by the bar. Soft butter is just so much better than cold butter, but there's no way we can (or should) eat an entire bar before it starts to get gross on the counter. This little keeper ensures butter stays fresh, and soft for much longer in a very attractive package. Corian and Stoneware Butter Keeper from Food 52.

Because I've heard so many great things about this cookbook and I love following its delightfully witty and relatable author on Instagram. Dining In by Alison Roman available on Amazon. I also flipped through The Magnolia Table Cookbook while at my friend's house last week and found it to be totally inspiring - and Food 52's Genius Recipes has been on my list forever.
Because I left mine on an airplane and cannot bear the thought of another red-eye without it. The best eye mask ever made, long live the eye bra. Nidra Deep Rest Sleep Mask available on Amazon.

Because my shampoo is infinitely better than what they have at the Hampton Inn, but refillable bottles are usually bulky and leaky. These aren't. FlatPak Toiletry Bottles from Matador.

Because above eye mask or not - adjusting to new time zones seems to only be getting harder, and anything is worth a try. Plant Alchemy Jet Lag from the Alchemist's Kitchen.

Finally on the traveling front - because my cord situation is always a disaster made worse by international adaptors. Cable Kit from Aer - although let's be honest, this is what I really want.

Because chili oil!! It's delicious on everything and I'm super excited about this series from Hot Mama's out of Portland that not only includes a Guajillo (my favorite) chile oil, but also a coffee chile oil. Chile Oil Variety Pack from Hot Mama's.

Because the glove/mitten hybrid is a wonderful thing, and this is a beautiful pair. Classic Glittens from Echo.
Because 2019 is going to be the year I finally drink enough water - and maybe having this bottle blinking at me on my desk will be the thing to help me do it. Hidrate Spark Bottle (also on Amazon).

Because it's the very best, but it's a splurge for something that you can buy in the grocery store check out stand, and I'm all out. Sugar Lip Treatment by Fresh available at Sephora.

Because I am totally obsessed with the Nespresso machine I bought D as a gift earlier this year (I definitely use it more than he does) and I love the idea of these little espresso cups, whether for drinking shots straight or using to transfer the shot from the machine to my latte. I adore the beautiful glaze colors from Australian ceramicist Mud above (also their Paris Platter is a thing of dreams) but also love this riff on the classic French picardie glass or this simple set, both from Food 52. 
Because it's basically my uniform, and there was an unfortunate sharpie incident that did in my favorite white shirt. Also - forget the 'boyfriend' style, just go straight for the men's section - they cost less and fit better, which I don't fully understand how is possible. Men's White Oxford Shirt from Gap (for reference, I wear a small). Also eyeing this buffalo check flannel, because winter.
Because it has a cult following for taming unruly brows and mine have a mind of their own. Boy Brow by Glossier. Mine are pretty bold on their own so I wouldn't be looking for anything more than clear, but for ladies looking for a little extra definition, it comes in three other shades.

Because although makeup is far from my forte, I've lately become obsessed with watching Katie Jane Hughes on Instagram and she has me convinced that I need some shimmery shadow. This palette by Tarte seems like it could be a good option for starters.

Because even though it's made for kids, I think it would be a total delight at our next dinner party. Giant USA Coloring Roll from Omy.
Because it's about time to retire some of our wine-stained, washing-machine-pilled napkins that have carried us through dinner parties for the last decade. This chambray set seems sturdy and affordable (so you don't hesitate to use it to mop up a spilled glass of wine) and like it could play well with a variety of other styles we have on hand. Chambray Napkins from Amazon. I'm also loving the subtle edging on these sets from Fennco Styles and Wayfair.

Because the aforementioned Paris Platter from Mud isn't exactly friendly to anyone's budget and I can't seem to get my hands on enough serving pieces, this beautiful matte black bowl scratches the something new itch. Low Serving Bowl from Year & Day (a really cool company loaded with table-ready gear at great prices - their matte gold serving set would also make an excellent gift).

Because even though the word choices above are 100% not me - this t-shirt pop up design is totally customizable. Pick your personal ingredients and percentages and feel good knowing 100% of proceeds go to the Ronald McDonald House. I'm probably some mixture of Know It All, Pizza Please and Getting Shit Done. This would be a fun exercise for everyone you know. Limited edition I AM DKNY Tee.
Because earrings are definitely my jewelry of choice (in addition to my Shinola watch) - and I gravitate towards minimal pairs that are a little unusual. Always gold. Sia Stud Earrings from Soko - I also love these and these (also from Soko) and these unusual climbers

Because my life is all about planning - literally my personal and professional passion - and I've always preferred analog for tracking certain things. Also 2018 has taught me that if I pour all of my energy and organization into my work, there isn't a lot left over at the end of the day. I need to make space in my life for the things and people I love the most, and I feel like writing that down is a good place to start. There are loads of productivity and passion planners in the world, and some articles that do a great job of breaking down which one is right for you. I'm interested in this 90 day targeted book from Savor Life because that feels like a great timespan for changing habits and driving focus. My Next 90 Days by Savor Life.

Because after picking up a suede pair of mules this summer, I hardly took them off. The shoes I didn't know I needed. Really loving this congnac colored pair from Soludos. Venetian Mule from Soludos. I also have a serious crush on these.

Because it really is a winter weather essential, either tucked in the bottom of the bed or sitting in my lap while I work next to the drafty windows in our house. The radiant warmth somehow beats any electric blanket or heating pad, and I love how as you get warmer, it cools down, so you aren't waking up overheated in the middle of the night. Mine tragically sprung a leak after years of service earlier this spring. The Attmu bottle is highly rated on Amazon and comes with a cable knit cover, but this sheepskin cover (no bottle included) definitely kicks the snuggle factor up.

Finally, because my dream life involves having one every week (or at least every month). A massage. I will of course take whatever I can get here, but the note I always follow as a giver of spa gift certificates is to make it convenient or make it luxurious (amazing if it can be both), I feel like recipients are happy to travel to the Four Seasons, but equally appreciated is a smaller boutique spa around the corner from their office, or where they live. A small boutique spot 30 minutes away is never the right route.


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