Sunday, December 8, 2019

Gift Guides: Something Little

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It's a typical practice in my family to forego the larger gifts and focus entirely on stocking stuffers, there are so many fun odds and ends out there that make me love this snack-size approach to holiday gifting. Below are a number of mini-gifts that caught my eye, appropriate for stockings or for single gifts to co-workers, friends and family alike.  Also don't forget airline liquor bottles, fancy chocolates and a traditional orange all are welcome additions to the below. 
For the beauty guru who is watching her ecological footprint, washable reusable cloth pads that remove her makeup with just water. Pro Black by Face Halo

For spreading on serums and relieving stress, definitely on my list. Mount Lai Face Roller from Sephora.
For dry wintery patches, cuticles and picked places that need healing. The most deliciously scented Skin Food by Weleda.

For separating out the stink, whether in her gym bag or his suitcase, a waterproof lined pouch for corralling items in need of washing. Medium Drawstring Bag from Sweat Mate.

For the aforementioned wintery rough patches, a natural exfoliant and moisturizer in the most charming shape. Scrubee from Lush.
For keeping her clutch or his water bottle or keys off the floor, a super strong magnet keychain that holds on to tables, chairs, bathroom stall doors or anything metal. Available in an array of colors and materials: Lily Pad Mini Bagnet.

For daily wear: modern, minimalist studs. Brigitta Earrings from GLDN.

For a holiday spin on a favorite product, our beloved cocktail mixture in a seasonal flavor. Bittermilk Gingerbread Old Fashioned available at Mouth.
For cocktails on the go (just add liquor & stir). Luxe Cocktail Cube Set available at Uncommon Goods.

For keeping his look sharp and his collar sharper. Magnetic Collar Stays from Würkin Stiffs.

For the coffee connoisseur, a kentucky-roasted bean that spends three weeks aging in bourbon barrels from a distillery across town. 9th Street Bourbon Barrel Aged Coffee from Carabello Coffee.

For a non-alcoholic winter warmer that's significantly better than Swiss Miss. Hot Chocolate Mix from Dandelion Chocolates

For New Year's Eve and other occasions that call for some shimmer. You are Golden Highlight Wand from Plantfolk Apothekary

For avid concert goers to protect their ability to enjoy the show for years to come. Special ear plugs with an acoustic channel made to block out the damage but not totally dull the experience. Loop Ear Plugs available on Amazon.

For your pod pals, a hang case and the hopes that they may not misplace them again. Wireless Charging Airpods Skinny Hang Case from Elago.

For everyone, a holiday flavor for my favorite airplane and desk treat. If you haven't tried them yet, you need to. Dark Chocolate Peppermint Skinny Dipped Almonds available on Amazon

For any home chef, they seem to perpetually need replacing, and this version boasts quick temperature reading at any angle. ThermoPop Instant Thermometer from ThermoWorks.

For the chef/scientist who would appreciate this far more accurate measuring device that takes into consideration surface area and volume. Measuring cup from Euclid.

For the occasional sommelier, a quick guide to pairings in a beautifully designed pack. Wine and Cheese Pairing Swatchbook available at Urban Outfitters
For the truffle pigs, we all know one, and assortment of the most umamiest condiments. Mini Trio Sampler Pack from the Truffleist.

For the creatives, or anyone looking to unwind after work, a beautiful complex series of books pulled from historical reference materials. Artist Coloring Book from Ameico

For fun; a box set of flattery and snark. Compliment (and Backhanded Compliment) Cards from Easy Tiger.
For favorite doggos, new babies and beloved faces all around; a series of stickers to adorn everything from cell phone covers to greeting cards. Sampler Sheet from Sticker Face
For fashionable babies, a charming minimal clip for corralling both pacifiers and teething toys (that's also fun to chew) Silicon & Wood Pacifier Clip from Loulou Lollipop.
Finally for little ones that find Sophie the Giraffe a little passé; a new jungle friend with all-natural bonifides. Zoe the Zebra from Oli & Carol